Law & Policy

  • DoD Instruction 4715.13: DoD Noise Program

  • DoD Instruction 4165.57: Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ)

  • DoD Instruction 3030.03, Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) Program

  • AFM 19-10/TM 5-803-2/NAVFAC P-970, Planning in the Noise Environment

  • AR 200-1, Environmental Protection and Enhancement

  • OPNAVINST 11010.40, Encroachment Management Program

  • OPNAVINST 3550.1A/MCO 3550.11, Range Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (RAICUZ)

  • MCO 11011.23, Marine Corps Encroachment Management Program

  • AFI 90-2001, Encroachment Management

  • AFI 32-1015, Integrated Installation Planning

Technical Bulletins

  • An Overview of Blast Noise: Characteristics, Assessment and Mitigation

  • Community Annoyance Caused By Noise From Military Aircraft Operations

  • Effects of Aircraft Overflights on Domestic Fowl

  • Improving Aviation Noise Planning, Analysis and Public Communication with Supplemental Metrics

  • Noise-Induced Hearing Impairment

  • Non-Auditory Health Effects of Aircraft Noise

  • Sleep Disturbance From Aviation Noise

  • Speech Interference from Aircraft Noise

  • Using Supplemental Noise Metrics and Analysis Tools


  • The Military and You: Communities in Harmony